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The 'start here' page to get you in to the Chime Gallery, and help you choose your chimes.

The table towards the end of this page includes every one in our range of wind chimes. Since each of our chime sets is hand crafted - and usually made to meet your particular requirements - it makes sense to specify what we offer by range to begin with, and to work out the fine detail from there.

A range is primarily determined by the size of tube used for the chimes, by diameter and thickness. Once these are known, the chime's length determines its pitch (musical note). Now this might surprise you, but most sizes of tube stock can be made to produce most notes! Yes, really... we can get the same note from a length of 25mm tubing that we can from a (different) length of 50mm tubing. There are some practical and aesthetic limits, but in general the rule holds true.

So why all the different types (and prices!)? As you will already have guessed, the quality of a chime set is not simply to do with getting the notes right, 'though this is important. The ringing quality and resonance are dramatically increased with tube size. Smaller chimes 'tinkle', a lovely gentle sound especially when caressed by a soft breeze. Larger chimes 'ring', like a bell, and in fact it is quite correct to think of a large chime as a tubular bell. And as with a bell, many modes of vibration coincide to produce the chime sound that you hear, and continue to hear long after the chime is struck. The larger the chime, the greater its depth, resonance, and hum. Words and more words will never adequately describe this - it's one of those where you simply have to be there.

The first part to choosing your wind chimes, then, is to decide on the range. On many of the individual gallery pages is an audio clip of a single chime in that range struck once and allowed to ring-out. What you hear from a computer loudspeaker can never do justice to the original sound (we recommend you use headphones) but perhaps it will give an idea of the differences between chime ranges.

Then, decide the notes you would like. The starting-point in each of our ranges is five chimes, but you may choose up to eight (or more, even - let's talk!) The blend here is a very personal thing, and to help you get started there are some suggested popular scales and chords on the Which Notes? page.

Finally, there are some aesthetic considerations: choice of particular materials; placement restrictions that might limit height or weight; shape of windcatcher; choice of inscription if you choose to have one, and so on.

Of course, in the end what you hear from your chime set is going to be determined by how the wind blows. But there are some hints and tips to help ensure that you'll enjoy the very best from your selection, and we shall be delighted to help you with that.

If all seems clear enough, the Enquiry Form page includes a pro forma for your initial enquiry. Otherwise... please visit, email or phone! We'd be delighted to help talk you through choosing your wind chimes.

Range table - chime sizes, and price by number of chimes
Range Chime diameter x wall thickness 5 chime 6 chime 7 chime 8 chime Comment
Leah 20 x 1.6 $149.00 N/A
N/A N/A  
Anna 25 x 3.0 short $219.00 $249.00 POA POA  
Hannah 25 x 3.0 long $279.00 $319.00 POA POA  
Rebekah 32 x 3.0 $359.00$409.00POA POA  
Susanna 40 x 3.0 $439.00 $499.00POA POA  
Sarah 48.4 x 4.5 $539.00 $619.00 POA POA  
 Sheba  63.5 x 6.35  $769.00 $869.00 $969.00 $1069.00