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Susanna: five to eight 40mm (1.6") aluminium chimes
^Susanna chime struck once and allowed to 'ring out'*
- for best listening experience, please use headphones

^Susanna wind chimes tuned to Western Pentatonic Major scale (additional notes synthesized from the recording, above) - for best listening experience, please use headphones

With support, striker, and windcatcher hand crafted from laminated bamboo (or local/reclaimed wood sources, on request) and coated in clear water-based marine-grade finish.

Five or more 40mm diameter chimes cut, tuned, and finished in aluminium, available in standard tunings or to your requirements.

Chime set suspended from short chains in galvanized steel links. Chimes are strung using multi-ply nylon paracord, with bearing surfaces provided by formed aluminium bushings.

Your choice of windcatcher design -
teardrop, heart, mandorla, moon, etc.

these will vary according to number and tuning of chimes selected
Overall Height: ?(+) nominally
Body height: 0.?m+ nominally
(i.e. support to lower end of chimes)
Support diameter: ~250mm
Mass: ~4.9 kg

Susanna (40mm) Five-chime set: $439.00
Six, seven, eight chimes: See range table 

*Audio clip was recorded 'as-is'; post-production normalization and equipment noise (hiss) reduction added